Question: Sometimes people say that the dream is always better than the reality and that the search for something is better than the actual achievement of that thing, because when the goal is reached there is no place else to go. Does this also apply to the spiritual life?

Sri Chinmoy: In the spiritual life we have to know that there is no end to our journey, because God is not and cannot be satisfied with any particular standard. Today’s dream will transform itself into tomorrow’s reality. But again, tomorrow’s reality will be meaningless in comparison with the reality we are aiming at the following day. There is no end to our reality, because we have the infinite Divine within us constantly. It is our goal to change the face of reality from bright, to brighter, to brightest and from high, to higher, to highest. Even in the highest, the reality has to go beyond, beyond, beyond, because God does not, cannot and will not ever accept any end to His creation. For creation is His progress, His own movement; and God wants endless progress in infinite ways.