Foolish is he who thinks that affection should be turned into indifference in order that God might come to him. Alas, he has yet to learn that God is all affection.

Affection and attachment need not always go together. The rejection of all relations can never be a promising sign of progress towards realisation.

Controlled desire is good. Better is non-attachment. Best is it to feel oneself removed from the snare of nature. Suppression is as hostile and undeserving as attachment. It is our non-attachment only that is the master of nature.

Desire and hunger have one common enemy: detachment.

Detachment and not possession should be the bridge between you and the object of your love.

Spiritual detachment intensifies the seeking of our hearts, purifies the vibration of our bodies and transforms the ignorance of our consciousness into knowledge.

Granted, loneliness is a kind of spiritual disease. But human association can never be its lasting medicine. The only permanent cure for it is inner experience.