Question: What is the relationship between silence and action?

Sri Chinmoy: There are two kinds of silence. One silence is dynamic; the other is static. Static silence is found in deep meditation, which is preparation. Dynamic silence is found in action, which is manifestation. The inner silence guides and illumines us. The outer silence reveals and manifests us. Prayer, meditation, concentration and contemplation are inner silence. Dedication, service and action are outer silence. Dedicate yourself; fulfil the Will of God — but only after knowing the Will of God. You can know the Will of God only by practising inner silence. Otherwise, if you try to help mankind in your own way, you think that you are serving God but really you are just aggrandising your own ego. You say, “I have done this; I have done that.” But the important thing is: were you inspired by God? Were you commissioned by God? If your actions are not inspired by God, they are inspired by your ego. Then the service that you offer to the world will be full of darkness and imperfections.