II — The vital

32. My vital

O my vital, my first choice falls on you. Without your dynamic and stupendous inner urge, nothing can be embodied, nothing can be revealed here on earth.

O my vital, when you fall fast asleep, my mind’s undying frustration grips my outer existence; my body’s helpless surrender to the prince of gloom poisons my inner existence.

Man’s most powerful imagination fails to fathom you, your depth. Man’s far-flung, brightest wisdom fails to determine you, your breadth.

Yours is the indomitable courage that springs from the fountain of boundless emotion. Kill not your emotion. Never! Emotion killed within, fulfilment starved without. Emotion divinely fed within, God the eternal Delight revealed without.

O my vital, you know no tomorrow. You want to be born, you want to grow and fulfil yourself in the immediacy of today. With the infinite Blessings of the Supreme, on you march across the path of Infinity’s bloom, Eternity’s glow and Immortality’s lustre.

Your life is green, the ever-aspiring and ever-growing green. Your breath is blue, the ever-encompassing and ever-transforming blue.

O vital of mine, in you is humanity’s glowing hope. With you is Divinity’s reverberating clarion.

The vital either embodies divine dynamism or hostile aggression. When the aspirant brings the soul’s light to the fore, the hostile aggression changes into the divine dynamism and the divine dynamism is transformed into the all-fulfilling supreme Reality.