III — Surrender

410. The strength of surrender

The present-day world wants individuality. It demands freedom. But true individuality and freedom can breathe only in the Divine.

Human individuality shouts in the dark. Earthly freedom cries out in the deserts of life. But absolute surrender universally sings of divine individuality and freedom in the Lap of the Supreme. Surrender is the untiring breath of the soul in the Heart of God.

In surrender we discover the spiritual power through which we can become not only the seers but also the possessors of Truth. If we can surrender in absolute silence, we shall ourselves become the reality of the real, the life of the living, the centre of true love, peace and bliss.

A lovely child attracts our attention. We love him because he conquers our heart. But do we ask anything from him in return? No! We love him because he is the object of love; he is lovable. In the same way we can and should love God, for He is the most lovable Being. Spontaneous love for the Divine is surrender, and this surrender is the greatest gift in life. For when we surrender, the Divine in no time gives us infinitely more than we would have ever dreamed of asking for.

Surrender is a spiritual miracle. It teaches us how to see God with our eyes closed, how to talk to Him with our mouth shut. Fear enters into our being only when we withdraw our surrender from the Absolute.

Surrender is an unfoldment. It is the unfoldment of our body, mind and heart into the sun of divine Plenitude within us. Surrender to this inner sun is the greatest triumph of life. The hound of failure cannot reach us when we are in that sun. The prince of evil fails to touch us when we have realised and founded our oneness with that eternally life-giving sun.

Surrender knows that there is a guiding Hand and feels that this guiding Hand is ever present. This Hand may strike or bless the aspirant, but the surrendered aspirant has discovered the truth that whatever comes from the Supreme is always fruitful of good and light.

In life, everything may fail us, but not surrender. Surrender has a free access to God’s omnipotence. Hence, the path of surrender is the perfect perfection of protection.

Surrender has the strength to meet the Absolute and stay and play with Him eternally. God may at times play hide-and-seek with man’s other divine qualities, but never with His devotee’s genuine surrender.

Inner surrender transforms life into an infinite progress. It gives life the soulful assurance that life lives in God and God alone.

Surrender is the soul of the devotee’s body. Surrender is the unparalleled fulfilment of the devotee’s life. Surrender takes him to the Source. When he is in the Source, he becomes the Highest and reveals the Deepest.

Individuality hates surrender. Surrender illumines individuality. Individuality is self-will. Self-will is self-love. Surrender is God-Will, God-Will is God-Love.

God’s all-fulfilling Grace descends only when man’s unconditional surrender ascends.

Our surrender is a most precious thing. God alone deserves it. We can offer our surrender to another individual, but only for the sake of realising God. If that individual has reached his Goal, he can help us in our spiritual journey. However, if we offer ourselves to someone just to satisfy that person, then we are committing a Himalayan blunder. What we should do is offer ourselves unreservedly to the Lord in him.

Every action of ours should be to please God and not to gain applause. Our actions are too secret and sacred to display before others. They are meant for our own progress, achievement and realisation.

There is no limit to our surrender. The more we surrender, the more we have to surrender. God has given us capacity. According to our capacity He demands manifestation of us. Manifestation beyond our capacity God has never demanded and will never demand.

In man’s complete and absolute surrender is his realisation: his realisation of the Self, his realisation of God the Infinite.