Question: I do not know what is going to happen to me in the future, and I worry a lot about my destiny. Is this right?

Sri Chinmoy: No, we should not worry. We should have implicit faith in God, in our Inner Pilot or in our spiritual Master. We have to feel that not only does God know what is best for us, but He will do what is best for us. We worry because we do not know what is going to happen to us tomorrow, or even the next minute. We feel that if we do not do something for ourselves, then who is going to do it? But if we can feel that there is someone who thinks of us infinitely more than we think of ourselves, and if we can consciously offer our responsibility to Him, saying, “You be responsible. Eternal Father, Eternal Mother, You be responsible for what I do and say and grow into,” then our past, our present and our future become His problem. As long as we try to be responsible for our own life, we will be miserable. We will not be able to properly utilise even two minutes out of every twenty-four hours we have. When we can feel that we are God’s conscious instruments and He is the Doer, then we will not worry about our destiny; we will not be afraid of our destiny. For we will know and feel that it is in the all-loving Hands of God, who will do everything in us, through us and for us.

Let us consciously offer our very existence — what we have and what we are — to God. What we have is aspiration to grow into the very image of God, into infinite Peace, Light and Bliss. And what we are right now is just ignorance, the ignorance-sea. If we can offer our aspiration-cry and our ignorance-sea to God, then our problem is solved. We should not and we need not ever worry about destiny. On the strength of our surrender, we become inseparably one with God’s Cosmic Will.

Surrender is protection; surrender is illumination; surrender is perfection. We begin our journey at the very commencement of our life. We surrender our existence to our parents and get, in return, protection. We surrender to their will, to their advice and suggestions, and we are well-protected. Joy boundless we feel in our day-to-day life when we are children. Why? Because we surrender our personal will, our own inner thinking, to our parents, and immediately we receive joy plus protection. In protection is joy, and in joy is protection.

Then, when we walk along the path of spirituality, at every moment we try to listen to the dictates of our inner being. The more we listen to our inner being, the greater is our joy and the higher our fulfilment. And then, when our term is over, when we have to enter into another world for a short rest, we also surrender. To whom? To the Inner Pilot, the Lord Supreme. At the end of our journey we surrender our very breath to the Supreme. Then we again get joy, perfect joy, unalloyed joy.