God's Name

There is one God called by many different names. I like the term "Supreme". Other Masters have used different names. Jesus Christ used the term "Father". He said, "I and my Father are one." His Father, your Father and my Father are the same, but I get a sweeter feeling from using the term "Supreme" instead of saying "God" or "Father".

All religious faiths have the same God but they address Him differently. A man will be called "Father" by one person, "Brother" by another and "Uncle" by someone else. Similarly, God is also addressed in various ways, according to one's sweetest, most affectionate feeling.

Instead of using the word "God", I use the word "Supreme" most of the time. I ask my disciples to do the same, for I feel it gives us a more intimate connection with Him. Although God and the Supreme are one, there is a subtle distinction between the two. The highest Supreme is different from what we call God. When we speak of God-realisation, here "God" is synonymous with the Supreme. But usually when we say "God", we feel that He embodies a height which is static. He is like a mountain that is high, but flat. When we use the term "God", we feel that He has reached His Height and stopped. He does not have a constantly evolving Consciousness; He is something finished, a finished product. But when we say "Supreme", we are speaking of the Supreme Lord who not only reaches the absolute Highest, but all the time goes beyond, beyond and transcends the Beyond. There is a constant upward movement.