A temptation is nothing but a kind of test. If we pass these tests, we become one with God. At first, God will only watch and observe. If, on the one hand, we say outwardly that we don’t want to stay with ignorance, but on the other hand, we secretly enjoy wallowing in earthly pleasures, then God simply keeps quiet. We may say that we don’t want to eat ignorance-food, but at the same time we continue eating it. Here we are acting like a camel. A camel eats thorns and his mouth bleeds. He will say to himself that he will never eat these thorns again, but soon afterwards he does the same thing. Like this, some of us say we don’t want to stay with ignorance, but the next moment we again become most intimate friends with ignorance.

But if God sees that we are sincerely trying to pass our examination, then immediately He will give us the capacity. When He feels that we really don’t want to mix with ignorance, that we no longer want to have anything to do with it, then He gives us infinite inner power and strength to come out of ignorance.

God never tests; God never tempts. He will just give us the inner strength to conquer temptations. God’s Compassion itself is our greatest power. But we receive His Power only when we are sincere. God’s help, just like sunlight, is there for everyone. If somebody keeps his doors and windows open, then he receives sunlight in his room. But if he keeps the doors and windows shut, then sunlight cannot enter. So God’s divine Compassion is constantly raining down, but we have to keep our heart’s door open. Only then will we be able to come out of ignorance.