Question: If all creation and all interplay between man and his environment are nothing but the manifestation of God, then the whole universe is, in truth, divine. If this is so, then what about the problem of evil?

Sri Chinmoy: Here we are making a mistake. God is in everything. The universe is God’s manifestation, but it is not yet God’s Perfection. By His Self-revelation God is proceeding towards His Self-perfection. Perfection has not yet taken place. Everything else has taken place, but perfection has not yet taken place, in my body, in your body or in anybody’s body. The harmony is not yet perfect; nothing is perfect yet. God is acting, He is moving, He is doing everything; but perfection, divine perfection, has not yet taken place. Divine perfection is the transformation of our entire being, of our entire existence. Perfection, transformation and immortality: these three go together. God is revealing Himself in and through His manifestation. He has descended into matter. The Spirit has descended into matter. Now, with aspiration, the Spirit has to go to its highest sphere. When it goes to its highest sphere and brings down infinite Light, Peace and Bliss into the physical, then a transformation can take place. And when this transformation takes place, perfection is bound to dawn on humanity and the universe.