Question: Is there a spiritual method of self-analysis?

Sri Chinmoy: No, there is not. The psychological kind of self-analysis, from the highest point of view, is wrong. In self-analysis we use the physical mind to try to examine our obscure past and our subconscious. In self-analysis we say, “I have done the right thing,” or “I have done the wrong thing.” There is always a positive and negative. But we have to go beyond positive and negative. In the Upanishads it is said that we have to accept ignorance and knowledge and then go beyond both to where all is divine wisdom. When we adopt self-analysis, one moment we are in knowledge and the next moment we are in ignorance. We are constantly identifying ourselves with knowledge or ignorance and with our mental doubt. But when we enter into deep spiritual meditation, when we are far along in the spiritual life, we are above ignorance and knowledge. We only cry for infinite Peace, infinite Light and infinite Bliss.

If the seeker is constantly examining himself with his mind, there will always be a strong pull from the negative forces in the mind. Like a magnet they will pull us, even though with our mind we are trying to discard whatever we think is wrong. The difficulty is that we do not use the soul’s light to strengthen our will-power in self-analysis. When one means to do the right thing, that does not mean that he will be able to do it. The lower propensities and the wrong forces have tremendous power and this power comes in the form of temptation. If we give way to this temptation we are totally lost.

If a spiritual person wants to reach the realm of highest Peace and infinite Light, where there is no temptation, he has to go beyond mental analysis. He has to aspire. If, however, one has not accepted the spiritual life, it is better for that person to use self-analysis than to act like a wild animal. For him it is good, to some extent. If he does not use his power of self-analysis, for him there will be absolutely no difference between light and darkness. But if you want the quickest and most convincing way to transform your nature into a divine nature, you have to aspire. Aspiration is the only ultimate solution to the problems of human limitation.