Shephali's consolation

When Ganapati’s maternal uncle committed suicide because of his concern and worry for Ganapati’s family, he left behind his wife and three daughters. His wife never, never, never blamed Ganapati’s family for her husband’s death because she knew what kind of love her husband had for Ganapati’s father. His daughters felt the same way as their mother.

One of his daughters, Shephali, was staying at Ganapati’s house at the time her father committed suicide. But her sorrow and suffering were nothing in comparison to that of Ganapati’s mother.

When Ganapati’s mother heard the tragic news, she began to scream. She and her elder brother had been so close to each other. She was so grief-stricken that she was practically doing somersaults in the air. How bitterly she cried!

Shephali tried to console Ganapati’s mother in so many ways, but she was not successful. Her own father had died, but she was desperately trying to console her father’s sister!