The grandmother's prediction

Before Ganapati was born, his grandmother predicted that he would destroy the whole family and turn it topsy-turvy because he was born in a particular month. They say that whoever takes birth in that month will be the cause of the family’s destruction. That was Ganapati’s grandmother’s prediction. But Ganapati’s mother immediately protested. She said that her son would bring the family lots of name and fame, and they would have the joy and pride of having among them the golden kettledrum that is played in Heaven.

Another grandmother prophesied that Ganapati would be a clerk. For a village woman to have a grandson who is a clerk is a real achievement. What she actually meant was that Ganapati was destined to deal with paper. She was right! In his later life, Ganapati went on to write many, many books. Instead of becoming a clerk, Ganapati became a poet and author. This is how her prophecy came true.

Ganapati used to admire Akbar, the greatest of the Mughal emperors. Of all the Mughal emperors, Akbar the Great was the one who wanted most sincerely to unite Hindus, Muslims and Christians into one religion. He tried extremely, extremely hard to bring about his lofty goal. For him, there was only one religion, which was love of God. Ganapati was happy that, according to historians, the emperor Akbar was an expert in playing the _madal_-kettledrum. Akbar had many singers and musicians of the highest order in his court. He also had many, many musical instruments at his disposal, but he liked the kettledrum the most.