Encounter at the high court

Ganapati enjoyed going to the Chittagong High Court to watch the lawyers and jailbirds. Usually one of the family servants, either the maid or the cook, would bring him. Then he would stay at his second maternal uncle’s house, where his sister Madhuri lived.

On one particular occasion, about two years after Suren robbed the bank, it was decided that Ganapati and the servant would spend the whole day in town and go back home in the evening.

At the court, they were both enjoying themselves listening to the speeches of the lawyers. All of a sudden, Suren appeared out of the blue and grabbed Ganapati’s hand. Ganapati got the shock of his life to see his cousin again.

Suren said, “Please tell your mother that I have spent all the money that I stole from them and now I am living only on potatoes!”

What a pathetic scene; what a pathetic story!

When Ganapati came home that evening and told his mother the story, she was furious. “Why did you have to talk to him?” she said, and she went on insulting and scolding him.

Ganapati said, “He came up and grabbed me and told me about his suffering. What could I do?”

“So much money he took!” she said. She found it difficult to believe that it was all gone. Then she said, “Perhaps he has squandered the money.”

In a few moments she began shedding tears for her unfortunate nephew: “My sister’s son has no money. Alas, he is living on potatoes only!”

Such was Ganapati’s mother’s compassionate heart!