Suren's special surprise

When he was still quite young, Suren became a revolutionary. Eventually he was arrested for his involvement in India’s independence movement and went to jail for his anti-British activities.

In the jail the prisoners kept a very small, cute animal as a pet. It was forbidden to take anything out of the jail, whether it was a bird, a squirrel or any other animal. But on the day that he was due to be released, Suren thought of Ganapati and wanted to bring him a gift. So he decided to smuggle this little animal from the jail as a gift for his youngest cousin.

Normally, Suren never wore a hat or cap. But on the day he was coming out of jail, he put on a very dignified suit and a tie and wore a hat. Under the hat he was hiding the little animal. Because he was wearing such gorgeous clothing, nobody suspected him and he was able to fool the guards.

When Suren gave his little cousin the cute animal, Ganapati was thrilled. Ganapati was four or five years old at that time, and he liked his present very, very much.

This was the kind of close bond that Suren had with Ganapati’s family!