Question: Guru, is it true that, if we only concentrate on surrender we will get enough power when we need it?

Sri Chinmoy: Absolutely. If we concentrate all the time on surrender, then we are bound to get indomitable power. But this surrender has to be the divine surrender. The slave surrenders to the master under compulsion. But in divine surrender there is no compulsion. Here we surrender ourselves to our highest being out of spontaneous joy and delight. Here the finite surrenders consciously and soulfully to the Infinite. The drop is the finite and the ocean is the Infinite. The tiny drop, with its personality and individuality, is absolutely insignificant. But when this tiny drop enters into the mighty ocean, it becomes all-powerful. And the drop does it cheerfully, not under compulsion. So during our prayer and meditation, if we cheerfully, devotedly and soulfully offer our finite existence to the Supreme, then we are bound to get infinite Power and infinite Light. What we have and what we are is ignorance. When we offer this ignorance to light, then automatically we become all light and all power.