Question: How can we invoke divine power while we're trying to pray most soulfully?

Sri Chinmoy: When you pray most soulfully, you have to feel that inside your soulful prayer, divine power is already there. You may say that you are invoking power for some special purpose, so you feel that the prayer itself is not the power, but you are making a mistake. Prayer is your power. And the other Power, which you can invoke from above is somebody else’s Power; it is God’s Power.

So, your power is prayer and God’s Power is Compassion. How can you best invoke God’s Power, which will come to you in the form of Compassion? You can best invoke God’s Power by feeling that the power which you have is like a cent, one cent, whereas God is about to give you one hundred dollars. Again, you have to feel that the one cent which you have, the power of your prayer, has been given to you by God Himself. So if you feel that even the one cent that you have has come from above, naturally you will show gratitude. At that time, God will give one hundred dollars to you.