Question: How can we remain peaceful when we're trying to accomplish something powerful?

Sri Chinmoy: You have to know where power actually lies. If you feel that power lies only in running and jumping and struggling, then you are mistaken. The real power lies in inmost silence. So if you want to know how you can remain peaceful while doing something powerful, then I wish to say that you have to understand the meaning of the word ‘powerful.’ Power here means the poise of one’s inner being, one’s soul. If you have a free access to your inner being, to your soul, then automatically your outer action will be peaceful. You do not have to raise your hands and show off your outer capacity. No! Here there is no dramatic performance. If you are acquainted with what you inwardly have and inwardly are, if you have free access to your inner being, then automatically you taste the bliss of silence. And if you taste the bliss of silence, in your outer action you will all the time be peaceful.

So, powerful action is the result of inner poise. This powerful action is not vital action or something that is seen in the movement itself. No, it is only in the silent equanimity, in the very heart of silence, that you get this power. If you feel this power and enter into it, then everything is peaceful around you.