Chapter VII: Knowledge illumined

Out of his infinite Bounty Sri Krishna tells his beloved disciple that he will give him all that he has and all that he is: Infinity and Eternity. He expects only two things from the disciple in return: Yoga and dependence. We may call this dependence devoted surrender, which is the indivisible oneness of the finite with the Infinite. To know Sri Krishna is to know the Knowledge Supreme. To realise Sri Krishna is to realise the life of everything in essence.

"Manushyanam sahasresu…." — "Among thousands of men scarcely one strives for spiritual perfection, and of those who strive and succeed scarcely one knows me in essence.”

It seems that the third verse is throwing cold water on the seeker. But Krishna’s intention is anything but that. Krishna is not only all-Wisdom, but also all-Compassion. He wants to tell Arjuna what actually takes place in the spiritual marathon race.

Not for him the Knowledge Supreme, to be sure, who owns childish curiosity, shallow enthusiasm, weak determination, flickering devotion and conditional surrender. Any of these undivine qualities will, without fail, fail the inner runner.

The sixth and seventh verses describe the relation that exists between Sri Krishna and the universe. “I am the beginning and the end of the universe. I am the Source of creation and I am the place of Dissolution. Beyond Me, there is nothing. All this is threaded upon Me as pearls on a string.”

When we concentrate on “All this is woven unto Me like gems into a necklace,” we immediately vision the peerless poet Krishna.

Three qualities of nature: Sattva, Rajas, Tamas — harmony, activity and inactivity. Sri Krishna says these three qualities are from Him and in Him, but He is not in them.