Editor's note

The poems in this volume were selected by the poet himself. They span the years from 1971 to 1998 and have been gathered from the poet's following published works:

My Lord’s Secrets Revealed (1971)

My Flute (1972)

The Garden of Love-Light (1973)

The Dance of Life (1973)

The Wings of Light (1974)

The Goal Is Won (1974)

Europe-Blossoms (1974)

Supreme, Teach Me How to Cry (1974)

Supreme, Teach Me How to Surrender (1975)

Transcendence-Perfection (1975)

Illumination-Song and Liberation-Dance (1976)

Ten Thousand Flower-Flames (1979-83)

My Fifty Gratitude-Summers (1981)

I Am Ready (1982)

Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants (1983-98)

I Pray Before I Lift (1986)

O My Heart (1988)

I Am My Life’s God-Hunger-Heart (1994)

My Lord, I Pray to You (1994)

Immensity-Peace-Sea-Experiences (1995)

Power and Love (1996)

Today (1996)

My Morning Begins (1996)

My Evening Descends (1996)

Two God-Amusement-Rivals (1996)

Science and Nature (1996)

Mother India (1997)

I Go Out, Come In (1997)

God’s Greatness and God’s Goodness (1998)

I Am Flying and Flying and Flying (1998)

My Lord’s Lotus-Feet Versus My Devotion-Heart (1998)

Retirement Not Granted (1998)

Eso Eso Prabhu (1998)

Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees (1998)