Burnett's conversation with God

“God, I am a bit puzzled. My grandmother says that You are inside my heart. My mother says that You are inside my eyes. My father says that You are around me. Who is right, God?”

“All of them are right.”

“Impossible, God. How can everybody be right? Please tell me frankly, who is right?”

“I tell you frankly, My child, your grandmother is right, your mother is right, your father is right.”


“I live inside your heart. That is why you are so soulful. I live inside your eyes. That is why you look spiritually beautiful. I live around you. That is why you are always so careful.”

“God, You deserve my thanks.”

“I don’t deserve your thanks. It is your grandmother, your mother and your father who deserve your thanks. Go and thank them.”

“I will. God, before I leave You, I wish to tell You one thing. Since You have always been very kind to me, You deserve my special thanks. My grandmother, mother and father will get ordinary thanks from me.”

God smiles and cries with joy.

Sri Chinmoy, Children's conversations with God, Sri Chinmoy Lighthouse, New York, 1971