Mark's conversation with God

“God, I don’t like this rotten life. Chinmoy says that many, many years ago I was a very powerful cat. He has also told me that before I was a cat, I was a turtle. God, even in this life I am so fond of cats and turtles. Frankly, I am really and truly fond of turtles. Chinmoy has also told me that turtle means ‘Immortality’. I want to be immortal like turtles. God, perhaps You do not know the meaning of Immortality. After all, it is a very big word. It means ‘a life that forever lasts’.”

“Oh, I see I have learned something new from you today, Mark. Thank you.”

“God, can I go back to my turtle life?”

“No, you cannot. I shall not allow you to do that. Actually, what you want and need is an immortal life which will please you most, and for that you have to pray to Me, and listen to Chinmoy.”

Sri Chinmoy, Children's conversations with God, Sri Chinmoy Lighthouse, New York, 1971