Veronica's conversation with God

"God, I am only five months old. I am my Guru's youngest disciple. He has given me a most beautiful Indian name."

"What is your Indian name?"

"My Indian name is Vani. It means message, divine message."

"I see. Thank you."

"God, I have a problem."

"What is your problem, Veronica?"

"My problem is that when I see my Guru, I start crying bitterly. You know, God, I am so fond of his picture. I love his picture much more than I love him. Can You tell me, God, why I do this?"

"Veronica, every day you see your Guru's picture with such joy and love, whereas you see and will see your Guru physically on rare occasions. Naturally you will love his picture more than you love him."

"God, You have truly solved my problem. Thank You."

God offers to Veronica His most affectionate Smile.