Christine's conversation with God

"God, Chinmoy is my Guru. I wish to know the name of his Guru."

"Chinmoy's Guru's name is God."

"That means You are his Guru."

"Yes, I am his Guru."

"That means You know more than Chinmoy does."

"Yes, I know much more than Chinmoy."


"Yes, I know much more than Chinmoy does."

"Let me see: God, I wish You to smile exactly the way Chinmoy smiles."

God smiles. "Yes God, really Your smile is exactly like Chinmoy's smile. Now I want You to make Your Eyes as big, powerful, and frightening as Chinmoy's eyes."

God shows His big, powerful and frightening Eyes.

"Yes, I see. You have the same eyes as my Guru Chinmoy has. God, tell me frankly, is it true that You know much more than my Guru?"

"Yes, I know much more than your Guru Chinmoy, and I have much more than he has. He has learned everything from Me, and I have given him everything that he now has. I also have the power to take away everything from him if he wrongly uses it."

"God, don't be so nasty. Chinmoy is so kind to me, so nice to me. I love him. We all love him. God, don't You ever take away anything from him, please, please!"

"I will never take anything away from Chinmoy, I promise to you, Christine."

"God, I thank You. I thank You, I thank You. My mother also will thank You deeply if You keep Your Promise."

God offers to Christine His Smile of sweet Delight and Compassion.