Andrea's conversation with God

“God, my Guru is very, very nice and kind and sweet to me. Every day I speak a lot to him inwardly. But when I see him once a month, I forget to ask him even one single question. Why am I so stupid?”

“Andrea, you are not stupid at all. When you see your Guru, you become so happy and delighted and excited. Your Guru, does he not answer all your questions inwardly?”

“Oh yes, he does. He answers my questions most kindly and lovingly. God, tell me frankly, is my Guru pleased with me?”

“Yes, he is.”


“Because you think of him, you pray to him, and you love him. Also, this morning he has told Me that he is very pleased with you.”

“God, when you see my Guru next time, please tell him that I love him.”

“Yes, I shall without fail.”

Sri Chinmoy, Children's conversations with God, Sri Chinmoy Lighthouse, New York, 1971