The mother's love

The dictionary houses thousands and millions of words, but without the least possible hesitation I wish to say that the word "mother" remains unparalleled in terms of sweetness, love, concern, intimacy, closeness and oneness. There is no other word as significant as "mother". The mother is affection, the mother is love, the mother is concern, the mother is closeness, the mother is inseparable oneness with the child. In the life of the mother, the child is undoubtedly the dearest living being. And in the heart of the child, the same experience must always loom large — the mother is all. To the child, the mother is sweet, sweeter, sweetest. To the mother, the child is sweeter than the sweetest.

A mother gives and gives to her child simply because she loves him. If she is lucky enough, when the child grows up he will give to her in return. But very often he does not return her offering. He has his own life. But as the mother gives, she is blessed by God. The light, affection and other divine qualities which she gives to her child are blessings in themselves.

In a mother's love we see divinity expressing itself in various significant ways. The first thing we notice in a mother's love is purest concern, and the second thing we notice is endless patience. In a father's love we will not find that kind of infinite patience; we will find wisdom and other things. But in a mother's love, in addition to wisdom we will find infinite patience. The mother is ready to wait for the child to grow up and learn everything. The father is to some extent impatient. The father judges the child according to his own light, peace, wisdom and knowledge, whereas the mother judges the child according to the child's capacity.

The love that a child gets from his mother is more fruitful than the love that he gets from his father. When it is a matter of inner intimacy, it is the mother's love that is more successful. When we feel something vast, immediately it is our father-love that comes to the fore. But when we feel the intensity of two hearts, we immediately think of the love between mother and child.

The child knows that the mother will not do anything intentionally to harm him. The child believes that even unconsciously she will not do anything wrong. The child has such implicit faith in the mother. He feels that if someone had poison, the mother herself would drink the poison to save him. This kind of faith we will see in the child only before his mind develops. Once the mind starts functioning at the age of thirteen or so, at that time the sweet intimacy between mother and child is broken, for the mind has its own way of doubting and suspecting.