Question: Whenever I get unhappy, it generally has to do with my attachment, concern and worry about my 14-year-old daughter.

Sri Chinmoy: I am answering this question on your daughter's behalf. You should convince yourself that fourteen years ago your daughter didn't exist for you and you also didn't exist for her. And you will go to the other world before her. Your daughter is just like a mango that you have plucked from a mango tree. You will not keep it forever. After sixty or seventy years when she goes back to the Source, you will not be able to claim her. We can claim only those things that are with us permanently.

Do you get any benefit by worrying? No! You only kill yourself and, at the same time, the forces of your worry also enter into her. So this allows more undivine forces to enter into the situation. If you go on worrying too much, this worry itself is an undivine force. If your daughter is not at home and you are worrying about her, then like a bullet your worries enter into her. They will not enter into her as worries but as something else that is unpleasant. She will feel a stomach upset or some other physical disturbance. So when you worry or you are angry, your unhappiness will enter into your daughter in some other form and create unpleasantness for her.

I wish to tell you that you will be happy only on the day you feel that you are not indispensable to your daughter. The Supreme alone is indispensable. The moment you have that feeling, you will have happiness. You are one hundred percent responsible for offering good will to your daughter, who is dearest to your heart. You are under an obligation to offer her good will at every moment. But to worry or to be angry and upset does not help at all.