Question: What is the best thing I can give to my child?

Sri Chinmoy: The best thing you can give to your child is your daily utterance of the Supreme's Name. Early in the morning repeat "Supreme" seven times in front of your child. Place your hand on his heart lightly and repeat "Supreme" very soulfully. In the evening do it again. This is the best thing.

If the child can speak, then teach the child first and foremost to say "Supreme." If that is done, then the child can start praying. The child will make the fastest progress by following your example. If the parents are praying and meditating together, the child should not be left in another room. The child should observe what the parents are doing. If the parents always do the right thing, the spiritual thing, then the child will imitate them. If the mother drinks milk, immediately the child will drink it. Whatever the child is taught by the parents, he learns. When parents make progress, automatically the child also makes progress.