Meditation is the language of God. When you and I speak English, we are able to understand one another. If you want to communicate with God, then meditation is the language that you must speak. It is the common language of man and God. God uses it and man uses it. When you go deep within, into the deepest recesses of your heart, you commune with God through meditation.

Thinking has nothing to do with meditation. Even reflection, which is a quiet kind of introspective thinking, is far from the disciplined vastness of meditation. The moment you start thinking, you play with limitation and bondage. Your thoughts, no matter how sweet or delicious at the moment, are painful, venomous and destructive in the long run because they limit and bind you. In the thinking mind there is no reality. One moment you are building a castle and the following moment you are breaking it. The mind has its purpose, but in the spiritual life you have to go far above the mind where there is eternal peace, eternal knowledge and eternal light. When you go beyond thinking with the help of your aspiration and meditation, only then can you see and enjoy God's Reality and God's Vision together.