Question: Guru, if the Supreme is in everything, then He must also be in the mind. So why is the mind bad?

Sri Chinmoy: There are two minds. One mind is extremely nice, extremely divine, extremely pure. The other mind, which is in the physical, is not so divine and pure. When we say that the mind is not as good as the heart, we are speaking about the mind that is inside the body.

I am trying to simplify the matter. Otherwise it will become a philosophy. God is in everything. God is inside a tiger, but will you stand in front of a tiger? No! The tiger will just eat you up. God is inside everything, but in some things He is manifested to a greater degree.

You are a human being and I am also a human being. You eat rice, you eat bread, you eat pizza; I also eat these things. But in terms of inner realisation, there is a little difference between you and me; that is why you have come to me.

So the Supreme is in the mind also, but in the heart He is more accommodating, He is broader, He is kinder, He is more compassionate.

The heart and the soul love God much more than the mind. That is why we say that the heart and the soul are better. It is a comparison. The mind is not totally bad. If we don't have the mind, we won't be able to think and we will be like a fool. But there are quite a few things which are better than the mind. Better than the mind is the heart, and better than the heart is the soul. The heart is all oneness. If you remain inside the heart, you will not feel jealousy. You will have no suffering, no anxiety, no doubt, no jealousy. You are a sincere girl, so try always to have the heart that tells you, "We are all one, we are all one." Remain in the heart, pray in the heart, meditate in the heart.

Right now the mind is the boss. As long as your mind is the boss, it will make you feel miserable. But when you realise God, you will see that the mind is under your command. When you become the boss of the mind, at that time you are free.