"God, I have a real problem. My mother tells me that I must spend more time praying to You. My father tells me that the time that I spend in praying to You is more than enough. God, who is right, my mother or my father? Or are both of them wrong?"

"The more you pray, the more you please Me. So your father is wrong. Again, when you pray, if your heart is not in your prayer, then you are simply wasting time. So your mother is wrong if she insists on your praying when you have no sincere feeling in your prayer. Let Me give you a new prayer. This prayer will give you everything you want:

"'God, I pray to You to make me Your sweetest and dearest child. I pray to You to make me as kind as You are. I pray to You to make me listen to You every day. I pray to You to make me think of You always. I pray to You to give me the capacity to please You every day, every hour, every minute and every second.'"

"God, it is a terrific prayer. Can I add a few words?"

"Certainly you can, by all means!"

"God, I wish to add this: I love You, God. I worship You, God. I adore You, God.'"

"Amen. Wonderful, wonderful!"

"God, a million thanks. For sure I shall say every day the prayer that You have given me."