"God, I wish to tell You something. Two thousand five hundred years ago there lived on earth a very, very great spiritual Master. His name was Buddha. I do think that You have heard his name. My father is a spiritual man. He follows the Buddha's path."

"Please tell Me, which path does your mother follow?"

"God, my mother follows many paths. She follows Buddha's path, Krishna's path, Ramakrishna's path, Ramana Maharshi's path and, at times, she follows Sri Chinmoy's path. By the way, God, these are all good and great spiritual Masters. They have many, many disciples and followers. God, I am now in a serious difficulty. I do not know which path I should follow. If I follow my father's path, the path of Zen, my father will be very pleased; and if I follow my mother's path, that is to say, many paths all at once, I shall please my mother."

"I wish you to follow My Path."

"What is Your Path, God?"

"Every day pray and meditate; I shall soon let you know what My Path is."

"God, I thank You from the bottom of my heart."