There are two fruits. One silence, the other din. The wise pine for the former. The wallowers in ignorance long for the latter. Those who dwell in silence say that the world is not a dream. It is a self-assertive reality. Those who have devoured din say that the world is more transitory than a rope of sand. Both parties make no bones about their positive assertions. A terrible dispute lasted between my heart and my mind. According to the heart silence was far superior to din, according to the mind silence was no match for din. They had made me the judge. As I was ignorant of true knowledge I went to my soul with a tremulous tongue. My soul consoled me and said, “Your heart is the pinnacled lore and your mind is the abysmal ignorance. I give you two seeds. One is Immortality, the other is Transformation. Sow the first seed in your heart and the second in your mind. And in no time you will find that their terrible fight will end in a fond embrace.”
Chinmoy, Chandelier, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, 1959