After Setting A New World Record For...

After setting a new world record for the 100 metres in the 1991 Tokyo World Championships, Sudhahota gave Sri Chinmoy the running shoes he had worn in that race. This is the message of gratitude that Sri Chinmoy, on 27 August 1991 — his 60th birthday — offered to Sudhahota from Aspiration-Ground.

My dearest Sudhahota, with my utmost divine pride in you, with my heart’s infinite, infinite love, with my soul’s infinite, infinite blessings and with my life’s infinite, infinite gratitude, I am holding your world-record, champion-hero supreme running shoes. At this moment I am most devotedly invoking the soul, the spirit, of your father, whose joy and pride in your achievement know no bounds. His divine vision he is executing in you and through you. I am so proud of you for having offered your supreme achievement to your dearest father in Heaven. His blessingful concern, blessingful love and blessingful pride I am sure your heart and your entire being cherish at every moment.

Again, at this moment I am soulfully thinking of Ambalika, your sweetest mother. Her blessingful presence in Tokyo has helped you immensely, plus immeasurably. Therefore, I am very proud of your mother, Ambalika. Also, the encouragement that your sister Carol has offered in so many ways to your athletic career can only be felt and never described.

Something more: I saw the loving friendship between your mother and Leroy Burrell’s mother. This kind of soulful friendship is rare, very rare in this world. I am extremely proud of these two noble and magnanimous hearts.

Finally, I would like to say something about the statement made by Leroy, your dear friend and great rival. The intimate connection and feeling of oneness between you two gives me enormous joy. May you two grow and glow in divine friendship.

Mr. Joe Douglas has kindly said a few very nice things about me and my Japanese disciples. I am very grateful to him. Takashi and Yoko are serving the Supreme in you in a very devoted way. These two spiritual friends, Takashi and Yoko, deserve my very special gratitude. In this connection I must also say that Kirit also has done much for you. To these spiritual brothers and sisters of yours I am offering my special blessingful gratitude and pride.

So again and again, Sudhahota, I am offering you my heart’s infinite love, infinite joy, infinite gratitude and infinite divine pride. The world misunderstands you, for misunderstanding is the order of the day. He who is really great, unfortunately, is bound to be misunderstood. This is what we learn from this world. But again, he who is really a great, dauntless, supreme hero will walk, march, run and sprint faster than the fastest like you — towards the destined goal. May your fastest speed inspire us all — your spiritual brothers and sisters as well as all human beings on earth — to run faster than the fastest in our spiritual quest to reach our goal of the ever-transcending Beyond.

Sudhahota’s inscription on the shoes reads: “Dearest Guru, much love, Sudhahota — 9.86”