Part III

On 11 November 1983 Carl Lewis met with Sri Chinmoy and his students for the first time, at Martin Van Buren High School in Queens. During this meeting, Sri Chinmoy's students sang a song their teacher had composed, entitled "Carl Lewis," as well as five songs in which Sri Chinmoy had set tune to the champion's own words.

Sri Chinmoy: I offer you my boundless, loving gratitude for what you have achieved for mankind and for this world at this tender age. You have been supremely chosen. I offer you my heart's deepest love and deepest gratitude.

Carl Lewis: I'm in a funny position right now because I've just met all of you today. For me to come in, sit down and feel so close means that there's something that's drawing us together. I feel so good sitting here right now because I have acquired so many spiritual friends. But I also feel that I have grown a lot in myself because I realise how much there is for me to see. I don't think I can really tell you how much a time like this means for someone like myself, and how grateful I am to meet people like Narada and yourself. So many people we meet, but here I know that your spirit is with me all the time. Otherwise, I wouldn't feel so comfortable being here. I'm glad we can be together. Hopefully, we can stay that way, and longer than we can all imagine.