Question: Will you ever try other events in track and field?

Carl Lewis: Possibly the hurdles. It's not totally new for me; I did it in high school. But I won't do field events or the decathlon. We see so many athletes who are given the opportunity to act or be a commentator. They are in the public eye, but they are not very good. But we try! How many hours I have tried things in my life! Why do I expect to be able to step out and do it well immediately? You have to work at these things the same way you work at sports. That's why I'm starting now. I have to work hard. It takes years and years of working before you get a big opportunity. My name will remain known, but if I am not good, I am not going to go far regardless of how well known I am. Right now I am really wrapped up in the things I am doing.

Carol's goal is to be the best athlete in her event, the long jump. She is two years younger than I am. I received so much more publicity, but she also has her goals and aspirations. She stands tall and makes it true. When I retire, my little sister will still be there. I am still going to encourage her. My sister does basically the same workout as I. We trained together for so long. We had different coaches, but we did basically the same drills. She helps me at just about every meet. She helps me and I help her. I have been competing against her since she was six. I also have two brothers who both played sports; one played soccer and one was previously a track person. He is a good tennis player now; he always beats me.