Question: Do You Have Any Methods To...

QUESTION: Do you have any methods to maintain your concentration-power during running?

SUDHAHOTA: Mine is just trying to do my best. I have this mind that is set there just to do my best. My coach has convinced me that I can be the best if I do my best. So by knowing that and by training that way, I just run to the best of my ability. When I go into a competition, people are there trying to figure out ways to beat me instead of trying to figure out ways to run their best.

I think Narada saw that when he went to the Bruce Jenner Classic in San Jose. Ron Brown and I were big rivals then. After talking with Ron afterwards, Narada could see that my objective was to do my best and Ron’s objective was to beat me. So that’s what helped keep me one step ahead of everybody. It was at that meet that I got the Sports and Service Award from you. Narada gave me the trophy. I felt it was not an outer award but an inner award. That was a special night.

I was telling Narada that your concert last night was so special because it kind of flowed along and stayed positive. The night and the feeling I felt moved through people. Many times when I travel with spiritual organisations, it seems that people themselves try to move through people instead of letting the spirit move through people. But I felt more peaceful than I do at many other functions because I didn’t feel like anyone was trying to beat it down my throat. My soul was accepting the spirit that was coming, instead of someone trying to tell me what to do. I was really happy to be there.