That Evening, Sudhahota Went To Progress-Promise To...

That evening, Sudhahota went to Progress-Promise to participate in the celebration of Sri Chinmoy’s completion of the first 100 volumes of Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants.

SRI CHINMOY (to Sudhahota, while the champion athlete was presenting him with a cake on behalf of all of Sri Chinmoy’s students): It is all love that I am offering to you, and it is all love that you are offering to me on the strength of your oneness-heart. Your presence tonight has given us enormous joy and delight. It is not my achievement of 10,000 poems but your presence that is giving us joy. We are all swimming in a sea of joy.

You are giving me the credit, but I know how hard some of my students have worked for these books. I offer all the credit to my Beloved Supreme in the heart of all those who have served the Supreme in me.