Question: My last question is, would you kindly address the young Dutch public who watch my programme? I would like to give you some time to talk to the young people. What would you like to give them as a message?

Sri Chinmoy: My message is very simple. This is Holland. Holland is famous for flowers —- tulips. If they can remain as beautiful and as pure as the flowers of Holland, then they will be able to accomplish much from life.

This is the land of flowers and flowers symbolise purity. There are many places on earth where it is not so easy to find flowers. Here, it is so easy. Just look around! The flowers that you are seeing with your outer eyes, if each child can feel the same beautiful flower —- a tulip or any flower —- inside their heart, it will help them tremendously.

The moment we lose purity, we lose practically everything. Each child is a dream of God. God Himself is dreaming His highest Dream in and through each child. If he sees that the child has a pure heart, then God can manifest Himself in and through that pure heart easily. So my advice to the children of Holland is to maintain their pure hearts as long as they can. Once they lose purity, everything is confusion. If the mind is full of confusion, then how are you going to accomplish anything? Always God wants a purity-heart. If we can have that purity in our heart every day, we can accomplish something very special, very meaningful and very fruitful.

So this is my soulful message to the children of Holland, the land of flowers: to maintain their purity-heart throughout their lives.