Question: I would like to know how to be vigilant in my spiritual life without being anxious and worried.

Sri Chinmoy: When we become anxious, we weaken our nerves. To be eager and to be anxious are not the same. We can be eager to do something, but when we are anxious, nervousness enters. The best thing is to increase our eagerness to do something, but if any kind of anxious feeling comes, it ruins our pure joy. Immediately nervousness is there.

When we are anxious to do something, sometimes we even adopt foul means. Eagerness on the other hand is something really divine. So we have to be always eager, eager, eager. Eagerness will automatically keep us aware of our goal.

If eagerness is there, real eagerness, then God's Grace descends spontaneously and unconditionally. So the best thing is to be always eager, eager to do something good, divine, illumining and fulfilling.