Question: When I work with world decision-makers who have built their career with their mind and with their power, how can I bring their heart to the fore?

Sri Chinmoy: If it is possible, from time to time, try to focus your eyes on their heart and try to feel the Presence of the Supreme there. It can be difficult, for God alone knows where He is or what He is doing. But you can easily imagine the face of your spiritual Master. Imagine the face of your spiritual Master inside that person. And then try to see one thing: either the tears or the smiles of the spiritual Master. If you feel that it will be easy for you to bring the heart qualities of the person to the fore, then you can imagine the Master's smiles. But if you feel that it is taking time, or it will be taking a very long time, then see the Master's tears or his very, very sad face.

Suppose you are spending fifteen minutes with some very important person. For at least one minute you can try to look into the heart of the person. You do not have to keep your eyes open in order to do so. You can keep your eyes partially closed, but your concentration has to be right on the heart of that person.

A few days ago, when I lifted Larry McConneghey, he said to me, "We have to give the mind a heart!" So when some important people are trying to rule the world with their mind, you can also pray, "O God, give them a heart, give them a heart." You will pray to God in silence to give them a heart, and try to feel inside their heart for a minute or so. Then try to feel your Master's presence there. Either your Master will be in tears or he will be smiling. If he is smiling, that means you will be succeeding very soon. If he is in tears, then it will take a longer time. But the whole thing has to be done in silence, through prayer.

If these important world decision-makers continue using their mind, they are bound to fail. But if they use their heart, they will eventually succeed. So if you see even a little progress in them, try to increase your prayer-power for them to remain in the heart and work in the heart.