Joop Koopman: You think of Jesus Christ as "an unparalleled Prophet and the beloved Son of God, but also as a supreme Oneness-Friend of mankind." What does "Oneness-Friend of mankind" mean?

Sri Chinmoy: The Christ said, "I and my Father are one." Again, the Christ said, "I am the Way. I am the Goal." Outwardly, it is difficult to comprehend how one person can be the possessor of the Way and the Goal. But we know that when there is complete oneness with the Highest Absolute, one can be anything or anyone, plus one can go far beyond duality.

Friendship means the expansion of oneness. As a supreme Son of God, the Christ knew that he was not only the Son of God the Creator. He knew well that God the Creator and God the creation are one.

When we think of the terms 'concern, encouragement, inspiration' and so forth, we feel the supreme necessity of friendship. If there is no friendship, this world will day by day sink into the ocean of oblivion.

It is friendship that keeps us alert and awakened to the realisation that we do not belong only to ourselves. We belong to all those who are around us, with us and for us. Around us is the whole world, and it is here that we must establish friendship, so that together we can bear the burden of the entire world. If there is no friendship, the world will not march forward. It will only go backward.

The Christ played the role of the Creator when he said that he and His Father are one.

Then, when he asked, "Father, why have You forsaken me?" he played the role of the creation. Creation desperately needs help from the Creator.

On the strength of his oneness with the creation, the Christ felt the suffering of humanity as his own. This suffering can be shared by one and all. Suffering exists, but when others come into the picture to alleviate the burden of their friends, then it definitely helps each and every human being to see the light of oneness. Oneness is self-expansion. If there is true friendship, then oneness blooms and blossoms.

Christ was the supreme Friend. He became the oneness, not only of the Heaven, but also of the earth.

As an unparalleled member of Heaven, he brought down Compassion in infinite measure to Mother Earth. Again, as a member of Mother Earth, he distributed the Compassion that he received from Father Heaven unreservedly and unconditionally to elevate the consciousness of the world and to show the world that there is Light, the Light that longs for the establishment of Truth here on earth.

Christ the Son received. Christ the Friend distributed.

Christ the Son received from Above.

Christ the Friend blessingfully distributed everything he had and everything he was to his world-citizen-friends.