Question: How do you like the Chinese people?

Sri Chinmoy: I love them very, very much. Needless to say, they remind me of my Indian brothers and sisters. I have been to many places here in China. When I look at the Chinese people, I strongly feel this oneness between India and China.

Many years ago, your Premier Chou En-lai went to India, and Prime Minister Nehru and Chou En-lai became very, very close friends. Indians call China “Chin”, and India, or Hindustan, is “Hind”. So Indians had a slogan, “Chin Hind bhai bhai,” which means “China and India are brothers." Throughout the length and breadth of India, people sang this song so soulfully, “Chin Hind bhai bhai.” Hindustan and China are great friends, real friends; they are two brothers.