Part IX

CSC 61. On 1 July 2005, during his visit to Guatemala, Sri Chinmoy answered the following questions.

Question: Which qualities can we develop more in South America to offer to the world? What kind of special qualities does South America have?

Sri Chinmoy: One most extraordinary thing you have: the feeling of oneness, oneness, oneness. Oneness you have, but dynamic enthusiasm you have to increase if you want to be of service to all the countries that you are mentioning, the South American countries. You need not only enthusiasm, but dynamic enthusiasm. With your dynamic enthusiasm you will be able to bring to the fore the special light that your countries have. The abundant, infinite light that your countries have can be brought to the fore only with dynamic enthusiasm. If you have dynamic enthusiasm, and if your dynamic enthusiasm is in action, then you will be able to perform miracles throughout the length and breadth of the world.

Enthusiasm can be sleeping, or enthusiasm can be dynamic and very progressive. Unfortunately, you are lacking in enthusiasm. Every country has good qualities and bad qualities. But because I have mentioned a bad quality, you should not feel that you are doomed to disappointment. On the contrary, you will muster and collect all your inner strength to do something for your beloved countries and for the whole world. Oneness you have. Oneness of the heart I can see and feel. What you need now is enthusiasm which is dynamic. So try to bring forward your dynamic enthusiasm to inspire the rest of the world and aspire for the rest of the world.

If we have love and other good qualities, then they have to be spread out and for that, only one thing we need: enthusiasm. Every day we must invoke enthusiasm.

If you do not have enthusiasm, that does not mean that tomorrow you will not be able to develop or cultivate enthusiasm. Again, some of my disciples feed their souls and hearts with boundless enthusiasm for months. Then afterwards, the same disciples starve their hearts and souls to death! They work so hard to manifest the Supreme and then they get disappointed and disheartened and their enthusiasm drowns! Then it takes time for them to revive their enthusiasm.

Still other disciples start to give talks with tremendous enthusiasm. They run at top speed. Then, when they are disappointed, they do not lose their enthusiasm altogether; only they go slowly, slowly, slowly. From the speed of a jet plane, they come almost to the speed of an Indian bullock cart, but they never give up. They still maintain their hope. Just because they do not give up, I have such appreciation for them.

Everything has its own time, but on our part, we should not give up. Let the manifestation go at bullock cart speed, but do not give up. Who knows at what point these new little Centres will be able to run fast? We need only one solid person in each Centre. If one person is self-giving and dynamic, then that Centre can remain very, very strong. We have a few Centres like that. One individual keeps the Centre alive.

I wish to tell you a story that happened many, many years ago. My first boss who gave me my job at the Indian Consulate was Mr. Mehrotra. I had no qualifications, but he gave me the job anyway. Later he became the Indian Ambassador to Argentina. At that time, his daughter Aparna developed a very close friendship with a particular disciple of mine. She happens to be the only disciple in Argentina. For years and years she has maintained her eagerness to manifest her Guru's light. Her Centre does not get any more members, but she has never given up, never given up.

When Mr. Mehrotra saw this girl, he said to me, "You do not need more disciples in Argentina! One disciple is enough. How devoted she is to you!" I never forget when somebody says nice things about my disciples.