The source of aspiration

We feel that aspiration is something we create. To some extent it is true. But at the same time we should feel that aspiration is something that is coming from above and lifting our human consciousness to the highest plane. Then we have to let this aspiration enter into us. We have to capture the aspiration-bird and allow the bird to carry us. Most of you have faith in your Master, but you do not have faith in your own seeking, your own search, your own aspiration. I wish to tell you, please try to have implicit faith in your aspiration. Feel that like your aspiration, this faith is also coming from the Supreme. Feel that the faith you are offering to yourself and to your Master is directly coming from the Supreme. Then there will be no problem in your life. Right now you feel that you are doing something, you are creating something in your spiritual life. But you have to feel instead that something is entering into you. You are receiving it and then claiming it as your very own. The father has money and he gives the money to his son. The son does not tell the world, “My father has given me this money.” He says it is his own money. With this money he buys things from a shop. He does not have to tell the shopkeeper who has given him the money; he just uses it as his own. Similarly, when aspiration comes from the Supreme, when He gives it to you for your use, then you will use it. And the more you use, the more you get. The moment you use your aspiration, the more aspiration will be supplied to you from above.