The cry for divine consciousness

We can enter into the divine consciousness through our inner cry. This cry is not for name and fame. This cry is for our total, unconditional, unreserved oneness with the Inner Pilot.

Some people are totally oblivious of the Inner Pilot. Again, some know of the existence of the Inner Pilot but they do not want to have any connection or communion with the Inner Pilot. But a sincere seeker feels the necessity of constant communion with the Inner Pilot. He is not satisfied by just knowing of God’s existence inside him. He wants to be in God’s consciousness and commune with Him twenty-four hours a day. Then only will he be satisfied.

If you want to achieve liberation and enter into the divine consciousness from the human consciousness, then gratitude also plays a most significant role. When one is receiving something from God, his whole heart becomes a flower of gratitude. Then if the soul wants to use the eyes in order to express its gratitude through tears, it can do so. But usually we feel the divine gratitude inside our heart. There it grows like a tiny plant which eventually becomes a huge banyan tree. Every seeker can say to God, “O God, You have already given me so much, far beyond my imagination. You have given me sound health, You have given me a sound brain, You have given me the capacity to distinguish right from wrong, darkness from light.” God has already given to each individual being the capacity to see, know and feel what is good and what is bad. But only a seeker feels the necessity of praying to God for something else. He says: “O God, You have given me the capacity to see the difference between right and wrong. Now please give me the capacity to do the right thing. Mere knowing is not enough; mere feeling is not enough. I have to act; I have to do the right thing on earth.”

Constantly you have to cry deep within yourself. Then you will see that your human consciousness is bathing in the sea of the divine consciousness. You have to feel the necessity of the divine consciousness inside you and around you. And you have to know that the human consciousness, which you represent right now, is not the goal. If you are totally dissatisfied with the human consciousness, then you have moved one step forward towards your goal. If you feel that the human life has disappointed and deserted you and that the divine life alone can fulfil you, then only the divine consciousness can enter into you. And when the divine consciousness enters into you, then you will feel that this divine consciousness will not negate your human consciousness. On the contrary, it will transform the human consciousness. It does not reject; it does not cast aside anything human. It purifies and illumines the human consciousness and transforms it into its own divine consciousness.