Part I: The fairy world

The fairy world: conversation on a birthday

On the morning of R’s birthday on 31 March 1974, Sri Chinmoy concentrated on R’s third eye and told her that he would enable her to see a fairy that day. The following conversation took place that morning, after Sunday morning meditation at the Master’s house.

I have brought three fairies here. They are all the time playing inside the house, doing all kinds of things. I have told them to let you view them during the day or at night. They will listen to me. You don’t have to do a thing. I am giving you the receptivity so that you can see them today. I don’t believe in boons and all that, but today I am giving you a boon. And others also can see the fairy world today. But if you don’t see, what can I do? I cannot force receptivity.

I see right now in front of me three fairies who are playing, jumping near your left shoulder. I have kept your third eye open, only this opening of your third eye and the opening of my third eye are a little different. God is very, very bad. It takes such a long time to realise Him, and He says that He is very close to us, dear to us. All kinds of things He tells, but when it is a matter of realising Him, He shuts the door for us. Even for us to see a fairy He won’t allow. (laughter)