Question: Once we become your disciples, do we need a guardian angel? Do they still stay with us then?

Sri Chinmoy: Once you become a disciple of a spiritual Master, you don’t need anything except the Supreme inside that Master. You don’t need anybody. Angels you don’t need, presiding deities you don’t need. You don’t need Gabriel. Before I came into your life, you all had guardian angels. After I came into your life, they all left. They were no longer needed. If they want to help without creating any problems, then you may take their help. But their help has to be unconditional. Very often their help is conditional. Then, if you want to go beyond them or pass them, problems start. But eventually you do have to go beyond the world of the angels. At that time, you will see how they will try to hold you back. Personal deities often do that. They help, they help, they help and feed you. Then, when you want to go beyond them, they try to cut your throat. But if you are strong enough, then you go beyond them.