Question: Do they actually use spells?

Sri Chinmoy: Some chant incantations. As we have will-power, they also have a kind of will-power. They don’t have to use spells. In America I have seen many cases of this. Usually they will operate by creating fear. They are mesmerising people. I have one disciple who had five hostile forces attacking her. Her mother had practised black magic for years. The mother tried to attack her daughter, but she failed because I was protecting her. Then the mother confessed.

The story never ends. The mother had a lady friend who used to go to the same black magic teacher. The lady bought a book of mine and saw my picture. Now this lady has given up this practice and wants to become my disciple. A few days ago the mother came to the Centre out of curiosity because her daughter is with us. The mother saw her friend and asked, “What are you doing here?” The mother’s friend has become a real disciple. Perhaps this mother will change also.