Question: Was the Medusa a freak of nature?

Sri Chinmoy: It is all from undivine, occult forces. Occult forces can create these things. That is why sometimes when you read Greek mythology, you are frightened to death. Some of the fairy tales are also true. If you don’t believe them, nothing happens. But sometimes, if you do believe, they can have power. I shall give one incident. You are cooking and you are using a spoon. You are about to place the spoon here when the thought comes that if you do this, then your brother will die in a plane crash. You may say it is all a silly idea, but you are frightened. Then, that particular force will tell you to put the spoon in another place. Or an idea has come that if you walk this way, your mother will die. So you walk a different way, and immediately the thought comes that your mother is not going to die. But the fear that she may die has entered into you. The very fact that you have changed your route means that you have surrendered to these forces. Then tomorrow, something may say, “Open the book to page sixty-four before you start studying; otherwise, you will fail in your examination.” The force has attacked you. So you open to page sixty-four out of fear and you are finished. Then, tomorrow that force will tell you that if you read the book, you will fail. Then you surrender and you don’t read the book. Fear can constantly worry you and take your mind away. In my case, I have told stories about how I used to put a black dot on my heel before I did the pole vault. But that was not superstition. It was only divine forces playing with me.