Question: Guru, I read somewhere that scientists have found that the pyramid shape has very strange effects on certain things. For example, when a person sleeps in a pyramid-shaped room, they say he needs very little sleep.

Sri Chinmoy: There is no such place, where you need only two hours of sleep because of the shape. Your need of sleep depends on the condition of the inner body; it does not depend on outer circumstances. It is not possible that the pyramid shape is causing people to have these experiences. Perhaps there is a special kind of force, a conscious force, working there, but it has nothing to do with the shape. What can shape do? If you have faith that the shape is the cause, then you may convince someone else. He will tell a third party, and so on. But it is not true.

In this world we do believe and we do have faith. Recently, I read in a book about a kind of shaver which the astronauts had used. Immediately when we hear the name of the astronauts, it is almost like hearing about God. We think that since they used something, it must be special. Just because the astronauts used something, people buy it. When I was in Europe, I went to a store where they had one of the shavers which I had read about. I bought the shaver; but I tell you, that shaver was far inferior to my regular one.